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How to Ride a Skateboard

Michael Monroe Mrs. Trear Sophomore English 6 December 2012 How to Ride a Skateboard The way toward riding a skateboard is significant on the grounds that there are steps to follow that guarantee that the two students and ace skateboarders stay away from injury. Riding a skateboard can be both fun and risky; skateboarders can experience the ill effects of genuine injury. The initial phase in this procedure is obviously to get a skateboard or buy one. Try not to purchase a skateboard from Wal-Mart; Wal-Mart skateboards are inexpensively made. Suggested brands are Element, Birdhouse, Rob Drydek sheets, etc.Also a decent spot to purchase skateboards is a neighborhood bicycle shop or the store called Zumiez. Second locate an appropriate spot to ride your board, for example, a cleared road or a nearby skate park. Third check climate conditions before riding; radiant climate is the best. Beginning by placing one foot in the board, at that point utilize one foot and push forward. At that po int put the two feet on the board similarly separated. Parity by concentrating body weight to the center of the board. Close to turn the board shelter the† right† or† left,† however don't lean too far.Skateboards are not outfitted with brakes so as to break, utilize one foot and scratch shoe over the ground. At that point when halted utilize one foot, kick the front of the barricade to seize an it when wrapped up. In the wake of figuring out how to ride a skateboard, one would then be able to figure out how to do stunts, for example, the Ollie, the kick flip, and the exchange flip. An Ollie is the essential stunt that one must learn so as to play out some other stunt. To play out an Ollie, put one foot near the front of the slantingly and the other foot on the rear of the board diagonally.Then kick the rear of the board down while sliding front foot up the front of the board and utilizing one leg to push out when landing.. The barricade will hop noticeable al l around. The board must arrive on every one of the four wheels for the secret to be fruitful. These means are essential to stay away from genuine injury. Skateboarding can be both fun and hazardous. First purchase a skateboard. At that point locate a reasonable spot to ride. Next ensure that the climate conditions are ideal. At that point put one foot in the board.Use one foot and move forward, to go shelter the privilege or left. To log jam or stop, utilize one foot and scratch shoe over the ground. Skateboarding is an extraordinary game that takes balance and physical quality. To play out an Ollie, put one foot near the front of the board corner to corner and the other foot on the rear of the board slantingly. Kick the block noticeable all around while sliding front foot up the front of the board, utilizing one leg push out when undetermined. The board must arrive on every one of the four wheels for the secret to be effective.

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Barack Obama s President Obama Essay Example For Students

Barack Obama s President Obama Essay In right now, nobody could imaged that the Senator Barack Obama won the presidential political decision in light of the discourse to make a progressively impeccable association. President Barack Obama is the 44th president and the main African American to fill in as U.S president. He was chosen second terms over previous Massachusetts senator Mitt Romney. On March 18,2008, president Obama gave celebrated discourse about the political, religion issues of race in the United States. he talking at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. This discourse carry more plans to the dark individuals, and contradicted to previous minister, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, which outraged the privileges of blacks and whites. The discourse urges the dark individuals to battle for their opportunity, to beat the challenges to made increasingly solid association by joined, to tackle this issue. In his piece of the discourse, he utilized a statement from the Constitution, â€Å" we the individuals, so as to from an increasingly immaculate union,† He control the crowd by utilized non-serious inquiries, the amazing inference and comparison, to pick up the help generally from the ranchers, researchers, legislators and patriots.(Obama). President Obama utilizes manipulative language to address racial imbalance among blacks and whites in America. President controls the crowds through the utilized of talk questions. Talk question causes individuals to notice the issues of race, to tell the individuals his place of perspectives on the announcements tended to by minister â€Å"Reverend Jeremiah Wright†. â€Å"Did I realize that he generally will be at times furious pundit of American local and international strategy? Of Course. Did I ever hear him offer comments that could be viewed as disputable while I sat in chapel? Truly, did I firmly differ with a significant number of his political perspectives? Abso. .ce in this nation. A More Perfects association, as Obama s others talks and compositions, was an amazing case of what David A. Straight to the point calls the talk of consilience. In like manner, understanding outcomes thought interpretation, intercession, and a grasp of various dialects, values, and tradition.† The dialects utilized in Obama’s discourse give the discourse all the more remarkable, just as the word majority rule government and opportunity. He utilized talk language to call attention to the fairness and distinguished the policy centered issues Obama toward the discourse. Obama s thirty-minute discourse was not normal for anything one generally gets notification from legislators. It was increasingly practically equivalent to an astute history and human science exercise that offered some setting for Wright s remarks.† Obama’s discourse in reactions to the minister Wright and offers progressively preservationist conclusion on the issues.

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Blog Archive MBA News Cornell Johnson Applicants Can Now Leverage LinkedIn

Blog Archive MBA News Cornell Johnson Applicants Can Now Leverage LinkedIn The Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University  announced a significant redesign of its one- and two-year MBA applications this week, and the change may seem both easier andâ€"depending on the extent of your social media presenceâ€"slightly more daunting. In addition to making the online application accessible across mobile and tablet devices, Johnson is giving candidates the option of saving time by connecting their LinkedIn profiles directly to the application form. Applicants can automatically populate portions of the application with information from their LinkedIn accounts. Of course, the upshot is that the LinkedIn profile might serve as yet another point of consideration in evaluating your candidacy. “This modern platform gives our applicants the chance to provide a personal tagline and meaningful summary, point out skills, explain experience, differentiate from the crowd, and show how they build a network,” explained Ann Richards, Johnson’s interim executive director of admissions and financial aid, in a press release. Although the school has stated that LinkedIn will not factor into the admissions decision in any systematic way, Richards told Poets Quants that the business school had already been looking at applicants’ online presence on a case-by-case basis over the past few years, saying, “If there was a red flag on an application or some information that wasn’t consistent, we might have Googled somebody or checked their LinkedIn profile.” The revelation may reflect larger trends in MBA admissions and seems to suggest that equally ubiquitous social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are not beyond the reach of admission committees. In short, you never know who might be looking at your profile. Still, the essence of what schools are seeking in prospective students remains unchanged, and that candidates can opt out of sharing their LinkedIn accounts is worth noting. A strong professional network with compelling endorsements may not be decisive in gaining admission, but it can certainly enhance the admission committee’s overall impression. Share ThisTweet Cornell University (Johnson) News

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Rape Culture in the Media Essay - 750 Words

â€Å"Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture† (1a) Today you cant turn the television on without hearing references to rape culture. Jokes about sexual abuse plague every sitcom and news channels question rape victim’s every move. Even entire shows are dedicated to the topic such as Law and Order SVU. The media trivializes rape leading to a rape culture in America. Despite rape culture being clearly relevant in most all forms of media, many people choose to argue against it. Many point to the fact that even if rape is a common crime it is still considered especially heinous. Others complain that rape culture is too much†¦show more content†¦Shows like Game of Thrones can’t get through one episode without showing off a woman’s body or implying rape (5a). Even sitcoms like â€Å"Two Broke Girls† join in on it. This is especially surprising as the show is about two women and co-created by a woman. It sports such jokes as, â€Å"Stop fighting it, give in to it. I don’t know why I’m quoting a rapist.† and â€Å"Somebody date raped me and I didn’t think I would live through it but now I’m stronger and still needy.† (6a). Most people would just laugh the joke off and think nothing of it. Walter Moseley, said â€Å"Rape Culture exists because we don’t believe it does.† (6a). In a study conducted in 2009 by David Lesak and Paul M. Miller, they found that male college students would admit to raping others as long as the word rape wasn’t used in the questionnaire (6a). This is a byproduct of rape jokes in the media which trivialize rape and make rapists themselves not correlate what they did to rape. Along with television shows, news stations are accused of trivializing rape aswell. How many times have you heard, â€Å"She asked for it.† or any other type of victim blaming, or a derivative of,â€Å"Boys will be boys.† to make rape seem like not such a big deal (1a)? News channels will even go as far as scrutinizing a victim’s dress, mental state, motives and history to make the victim seem in the wrong about their rape (1a). Some channels will inflate the fake rape statistics to make rape seem like a lessShow MoreRelatedRape Culture : Rape And The Media1779 Words   |  8 PagesRape Culture (Rape in the Media) â€Å"In the minds of many high school boys, rape isn t always wrong. A Patriot Ledger survey of 527 high school students conducted for this series found that 7 percent of boys said it was OK to force a girl to have sex on a date† (Eschbacher).The media needs to redefine and differently represent rape because it is portrayed as being too hard to define, the media has begun stereotyping the victims and rapists alike, and rape is not being reported because students areRead MoreMedia Makes The Rape Culture More Deadly1257 Words   |  6 PagesNovember 2015 Media Makes the Rape Culture More Deadly There are many things that go unspoken and put out of mind about until the worst happens, like mass shootings, fatal disease outbreaks, and natural disasters. At that point, a conversation begins about the safety and well being of others. Why is it not talked about without an incident in the public limelight? Our present media thrives on writing about the suffering of others, and become forgetful when another incident occurs. Media creates a goodRead MoreRape : Taking Down Rape Culture1448 Words   |  6 PagesTaking Down Rape Culture No matter where one goes there will always be rape that both men and women suffer from. Sometimes how the media and others portray rape make it seem like it’s not that big of a deal. We all, at times, blame the victim, so then we can feel more in control of our lives by saying â€Å"Rape will never happen to me because I would never do this or I would never do that.† With men, people usually say, â€Å"Wow, did you see what she looks like? He should be happy they had sex.† What I proposeRead MoreSexual Objectification Of Rape Culture1612 Words   |  7 PagesJustice System: Statistics | RAINN,† 994 perpetrators out of 1000 rape cases will walk free; and every 108 seconds a sexual assault is committed. You may have heard of rape culture on the news, social media, and/or online, but rape culture isn’t just some group of people or a society, but rather the concept of rape culture means we have familiarized ourselves and have come to terms with rape an d have made it our norm in society or our culture. We have learned to brush it under the carpet, and often jokeRead MoreRape Culture Essay1180 Words   |  5 Pages For centuries, rape culture has not been clearly defined by ideas, beliefs, or attitudes. As a pretty controversial subject, there is no correct definition for the term â€Å"rape culture†. It is generally defined by the way a person perceives rape, and for that reason, there are many beliefs towards rape. Rape is generally unlawful and unwanted sexual intercourse between any person. In this shocking world today, most perpetrators of sexual assaults are caused by heterosexual men, and for the most partRead MoreVictim Blaming By The Canadian Resource Center For Victims Of Crime1212 Words   |  5 Pagesblaming affects the lives of many, including both men and women. The act of victim blaming can be detrimental in many ways. It can affect the victim’s willingness to come forward and report a crime, it influ ences how the media and society portrays the victims, and it promotes rape culture; therefore, victims tend to blame themselves, and the offender is less likely to be held responsible. Victim Blaming can be dangerous because victims are less likely to come forward or even report a crimeRead MoreRape Culture And Its Effect On Society Essay1342 Words   |  6 PagesRape Culture is Internalized in Our Society Society has normalized rape culture. In our society, victims of sexual assault are blamed for their own assault, while those that assaulted them are often given reassuring words. However, in our society, rapists are often times excused for their actions while actual victims of sexual assault are scrutinized. Rape culture is internalized in our society from a young age through the normalization of sexualizing women, the excusing of rapists and the blamingRead MoreRape in Society1097 Words   |  5 PagesA cause of rape culture is the objectification and domination of woman. Men are taught to assert their dominance and superiority, and some will do that with or without consent. Men see women as objects waiting to be used and conquered whether it is at home, the work place, or in the media. A woman’s body is not her own, but merely used for the pleasure of a man. A solution to this problem would not be, telling women what to wear, how to act and what they can or cannot do; but i t is teaching malesRead MoreRape Culture And Its Effect On Society1532 Words   |  7 PagesRape culture is all around us; it lurks in advertisement, television shows, and movies, it’s even in our language objectifying women’s bodies. Rape culture is defined as â€Å"an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture† ( Something to keep in mind, the term is called â€Å"rape culture† for a reason. â€Å"Culture† is defined in anthropological terms as learned behaviors that are passed on from generationRead MoreThe Realities of Rape Essay1680 Words   |  7 Pagesostracized, and overwhelmed. Your physical injuries are nothing compared to the pain that dwells in your heart. This is the story of the Central Park jogger, and this is the reality of rape. Rape is when someone forces you to take part in sexual activity of any kind if you have said no and do not consent. Date rape is when someone you know through social connections forces you into sex. It doesnt have to just be intercourse, it could be oral sex or anal sex. Penetration can be from a body

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One More Reason Why You Shouldnt Kill Bugs

As a bug lover, Im always trying to convince other people to stop killing every six-legged critter that comes within ten feet. Its not just about my personal interest in insects. There are a lot of good reasons why you shouldnt kill bugs: Insects were here first, by over 300 million years. Technically, were on their turf. Insects killed the dinosaurs. What if T. Rex was still wandering around here, eating small children at will?*Other things eat insects, like birds and lizards and my cat.If you kill a good insect, youll wind up with more bad insects than you can possibly kill. Then youll be sorry.Some insects do essential jobs that Americans wont do, like pollinating flowers. A gentleman from Eatontown, NJ just demonstrated a whole new reason why you shouldnt kill bugs - you might just blow yourself to kingdom come. Isias Vidal Maceda attempted a little DIY extermination in his kitchen by spraying an unnamed brand of bug killer, only to have the chemical ignite an explosion. While he did succeed in eliminating the pests, he also eliminated 80% of his apartment and 100% of his eyebrows. * - In the interest of accurate reporting, I must admit that this particular statement might be a slight exaggeration. Not the part about insects killing the dinos, that parts true. According to Dinosaur Bob (Guide to Dinosaurs), the scuttlebutt among paleontologists today is that Tyrannosaurus Rex may have been an enormous sloth of a dino, incapable of pursuing and capturing small children.

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Essay On Risk-Dependent Lncrnas - 727 Words

3) Risk-dependent lncRNAs transcripts significantly recaptured both neural tube-specific enhancers that were validated in-vivo and the neuroblastoma-susceptibility variations that were found by GWASs. In order to discover oncogenic noncoding loci, we first asked whether deregulated noncoding transcripts between two distinct risk-groups over-represent functional enhancers that have been evident by tissue-specific enhancer activities and disease-susceptibility alleles in neuroblastoma. To identify functional enhancers from transcriptome profiling, we have reanalyzed dysregulated transcripts derived from total RNA-seq data (GSE49711, n=498, tumor cell content 60%) pertaining to neuroblastoma patients with risk-stratifications (28). To†¦show more content†¦Specifically, over 1400 positively validated tissue-specific enhancers were downloaded from the VISTA Enhancer Browser (31). These in-vivo validation was tissue-specific, thus an empirical p-value was also calculated per type of tissue and enriched for neural tube (empirical P0.005, Fig 3D). We conclude that risk-group dependent lncRNAs are a powerful metric to indicate tissue-specific functional enhancers. A â€Å"risk-dependent enhancer† was hereafter defined from the neuro-tube-specific enhancers if its locus overlaps with any risk-dependent lncRNAs. Oncogenic signaling underlying these tissue-specific and risk-dependent enhancers is ready for interpretation. We identified 37 neural tube-specific risk-dependent enhancers, of which we observed three strong associations to oncogenesis below: - We first inquired the TF binding potency, as the binding of sequence-specific TFs to cognate motifs is typically required by enhancers to regulate gene expression (32). 70 human TFs showed significant binding potency (odds1.5, FDR0.001, with more than 10% instance proportion), with tumorigenic regulator FoxM1 among the top 5 (Fig 3E). - None housekeeping genes were captured, agreeing with the idea that housekeeping genes are in general regulated by simple promoters (1). In contrast, these TFs significantly over-represent known oncogenes (P=0.01, odds=5) and tumor suppressor genes (P=0.0003, odds=7.5, Fig

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Nursing communication with Dementia Patient

Question: Describe the challenges associated with intervention, assessment, discussion, and educating patient having dementia-related problems? Answer: Introduction Dementia adversely affects the receptive and expressive abilities of people communicating with health care professionals. It is hence the assessment of health care needs and assistance often becomes difficult. The present paper discusses the challenges associated with intervention, assessment, discussion, and educating patient having dementia-related problems. The next, effective strategies are discussed focusing on the utilization of resources, mechanism behind the sentence structure and choice of word (Norton, 2012). These measures not only ensure successful communication and understanding the concern of patients, but also help in providing effective care services. About Dementia Dementia is the problem associated with forgetfulness, difficulty in understanding, expressing, and communicating. In other words, the difficulty is more concerned with perception and expression related phenomenon. The problem is more links with children care and adult patients, tailoring the difficulty of language and patients ability to discuss (Moreira, O'Donovan Howlett, 2014). How nurses should communicate with Dementia patient Conditions related to pressure ulcer pain, cancer, diabetes, fracture, heart failure, dehydration and other similar condition often requires intensive communication. The objective of such discussion and intervention is to measure the severity of the condition and find possible measures suitable for treatment. The difficulty, nurses and other help care professionals often find with patient is dementia-related situation. Owing to the trait of forgetfulness and difficulty in perceiving and expressing ability, it becomes difficult to exchange the message and ideology. It is essential for health care professionals to develop critical skills, which not only produce effectiveness in communication, but also provide worthy benefit in care approach. Some of the critically required skills and understanding of nurses in conjunction with providing nursing and health care services with dementia patient are (Corcoran, 2011): The general strategy of using yes or no choice of questions for assessment is optimum. It is important to perceive whether patient is able to understand with eye or body movement. Instructions for patient should be simpler and care should be taken so that patient could be able to read and understand it easily. Verbal instructions should be simpler and easy to understand. It is more convenient to take into consideration of family members, carer in the conversation course. The approach should be lean towards the patient, so that choice can be successfully made by them. Other than this, it is the wisdom of nurses, to identify the level of difficulty in creating the sentence and the logical flow of ideas by the patient. Hence, appropriate the nurses have the responsibility to identify the meaning and deliver the message inaccurate and understanding form, back to the patient. Also on the other part, nurses can advise to family members are caregivers to go for speech therapy for recommendation and suggestions. In other case, nurses need to maintain the patience and have empathy for any odd situation related to combative or aggressive behavior by patient. Techniques for making effective communication and sentence structure Main idea - The main idea related to identification of the severity with respect to problem of perception and expression in patients. Help from speech therapy, family members and caregivers can be taken in this situation. Organization - It is important to take care of sentence structure, using simple instructions and confirming with various simpler means that patient is able to understand (Pollock, 2014). Content development - Evidence-based practice has potential to serve the fruitful outcomes. Use of resources - Use of yes-no type questions, simple instruction to read and use verbally, and confirming if the patient is able to understand. Using nonverbal approach with eye contact, physical touch and facial expression is the reliable resource for making communication easier. Grammar and mechanics - For the patients with limited English proficiency, and severe problem in understanding the words or verbal instruction, it is crucial for healthcare professionals to communicate. The most reliable way of finding solution in this regard is to use evidence-based protocols (Wang, Hsieh Wang, 2013). Sentence structure - identification of patient discomfort zone with words like pain, hurt, and ouch should be in the concern of nurses. Other than this, it is also helpful in using physical cues for the instruction, as patient can understand those signs easily compared to understanding and interpreting the verbal language. The identification of patients understanding can be obtained with respect to their ability to make choice among two simpler objects of options. Word choice - Use of simple words, such as phone rather than telephone; toilet than bathroom are useful in communication with dementia patients. Certainly, patients use to refer some specific words or phrases to express certain words. Say for example they patient want to ask how much time it will take to complete?, and they refer to word clock. In this case, nurses should refer to the caregiver or family member; whether patient use such words for any phrase (Jeon, 2011). Conclusion In conclusion, it is often to realize that health care professionals face many adverse condition and challenges in dealing with patients having dementia like problem. The concerned problematic situation is common with children and older adults. It is more important for health care professionals to identify such problem and use wisdom for simplifying the situation. References: Corcoran, M. A. (2011). Caregiving styles: A cognitive and behavioral typology associated with dementia family caregiving. The Gerontologist, gnr002. Jeon, Y. H., Sansoni, J., Low, L. F., Chenoweth, L., Zapart, S., Sansoni, E., Marosszeky, N. (2011). Recommended measures for the assessment of behavioral disturbances associated with dementia. The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 19(5), 403-415. Moreira, T., O'Donovan, O., Howlett, E. (2014). Assembling Dementia Care: patient organisations and social research. BioSocieties, 9(2), 173-193. Norton, M. C., Dew, J., Smith, H., Fauth, E., Piercy, K. W., Breitner, J., ... Welshà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ Bohmer, K. (2012). Lifestyle behavior pattern is associated with different levels of risk for incident dementia and Alzheimer's disease: the Cache County study. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 60(3), 405-412. Pollock, B. G., Mulsant, B. H., Rosen, J., Sweet, R. A., Mazumdar, S., Bharucha, A., ... Chew, M. L. (2014). Comparison of citalopram, perphenazine, and placebo for the acute treatment of psychosis and behavioral disturbances in hospitalized, demented patients. Wang, J. J., Hsieh, P. F., Wang, C. J. (2013). Long-term care nurses' communication difficulties with people living with dementia in Taiwan. Asian nursing research, 7(3), 99-103.